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Learn From Master Minds

It’s never easy to start your own business. After years of practicing, I realized that the most difficult part of entrepreneurship¬†is not counting shutters but dealing with numbers. The things which I had been avoiding, I thought it would eventually sort out by itself but NOT.

Starting then, I got to read, listen and watch as many business-related advises as possible including attending Imaging USA by PPA and signing up business challenge programs. There are two specific short videos that I am deeply inspired and motivated and I think I wanna share with everyone who might be in the mist.

They are Chase Jarvis and Jasmine Star. Both are famous and outstanding photographers in individual area AND now they are both shifting the focus to branding and mentoring more people like me and you. Starting up is not easy, marketing is not easy, pricing isn’t easy at all but if you can spend some time, listen to what people had been through, it will help you even for only a few steps.